Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Story

So, fine, I’ve finally started my very first blog EVER!

I’ve read that I should SEO the content, etc, etc…..

For now, I’m just going to get the thing started; I’ve procrastinated on this TOO LONG already.

So Search Engines, Yoooooo Hoooooooooo, I’m over hee eere *waves hands*, Come and fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind meeeeeeee! Helloooooooooooooo? Hellooooooooooo?

Oh well, if that doesn’t work, I will do the SEO thing, …. eventually……..

I’m told that in a blog, one should use ones own ‘unique’ voice. I only have the one voice, is that the unique one? Am I missing something?

I am not a person to embellish or embroider things much; a Capricorn with a Libra twist. I’m not big on emotional, mushy or cute. I am passionate about integrity, kindness, courtesy, tolerance, gratitude, love, fun and helping others achieve their full potential, in whatever large or small ways I can.

I’ve heard that folks like to know more about an artist, to have an affinity with them and some understanding of their creative motivation. So what might they like to know about me I wonder???

It all started on a snowy Christmas morning long ago …… I can sure imagine what my fiery, out spoken, red haired mother had to say about that!

The next 30 years were a mish mash of character building circumstances. Suffice it to say ‘forged in the fire’ might be an accurate description. I say ‘GOOD’, I wouldn’t be who I am, but for all that, and I bloody like who I am.

Per that ‘bloody’, I may have picked up my mother’s penchant for British slang. She by the way has been departed from this earthly life since 1975.

Throughout my life my creativity was encouraged in ways large and small, as a ‘hobby’. The older I grew, the stronger the inclination to create became. In 1994 I became a potter. Kick wheel, kiln, and the whole nine yards. I opened a Gallery, taught students AND worked full time at a J.O.B.

A medical crisis stopped life as I knew it in 2003.

My families support and alternative treatment strategies have aided my slow, and to date, incomplete return to health, physical mobility and strength. Throughout my recovery journey, it has been spiritual study and creative endeavours that have soothed my mind, provided necessary mental and physical therapy and given me hope that my efforts to heal would lead to a brighter, stronger and healthier future.

A little over two years ago, I discovered the online world of Print on Demand, P.O.D. Here was a way to market my art, to get it out to the world, despite my physical limitations.

I began to delve into digital art and image manipulation. This led me to rekindle my relationship with the camera. A wonderful friend on Zazzle, Perlyyyy, introduced me to Apophysis and my love of Generative art was born. Today, Generative Art is my focus and passion.

Next Time: An interview with artist Barbara Klocke of Ohio and a look at some of her beautiful work. Barbara is a wonderful, talented and accomplished lady who I like to call ‘Sunshine’!

cheers, ruth ;D


  1. Congratulations on your first blog post Ruth! You are a talented writer also amongst all your artistry. Best of luck to you and may many seo spiders find you!

  2. Ha! I found your blog. Hope this is the first of many posts and I hope you get spiders too. Not the icky kind.