Are you an artist, photographer or designer who sells their work through Etsy, Zazzle, Redbubble, Cafe Press or any of the other print-on-demand or product based online shop?

Would you like to have yourself and your work featured to help market your art?

I currently do three weekly features on my blogs and website:

THE ZAZZLE REVIEW – Monday Feature of a Zazzling artist

THE ETSY TIMES – Wednesday Feature of an Etsy seller

FRIDAY FEATURE – Artist profile on my website

This is what I need from you in order for you to be considered for a feature:

Who are you and where are you? Tell us a little about yourself.

What are your hobbies or other interests?

How did you come to be an artist?

What type of work do you do? Discuss your mediums of choice, favourite medium, your style, your methods or special techniques.

Discuss your inspiration.

Tell us about your education or experience learning to create art.

Tell us about Galleries or Groups you participate in. Do you teach? If so tell us a little about that.

What you are up to these days with your art? Any new processes or directions?

What art will we see from you in the near future?

Where do you sell your work and what do you offer (originals, prints, jewellery, sculptures, products with your art on them, etc…..)

Is there anything else you would like to share about your life, art or business right now? (Annual events for you and your art, Special items for holidays, Schedule of shows or classes… ?)

Include accurate, working links to any websites, blogs, online shops, portfolios, auctions, galleries, schools, shows… or whatever

Don’t forget your social media sites and links! twitter, facebook, Linked In etc…..

Be sure you include correct links to anyone/thing that has a web presence, folks may want to visit them too

Picture links to images/products you want featured and/or actual images (72dpi, longest length 6inches) for me to include in your feature. CHOOSE YOUR BEST WORK. Also consider if we are near a holiday and bear that in mind when choosing what to feature. I may change the selections.

Please email (or send me links) to at least 2 photos.
These could be your studio, you at work, the view from where you work, something that makes your world real to our readers.


You don’t have to answer all of the questions

Including photos/links will give you a better chance of being featured.

I can’t guarantee that all interview submissions will make it onto one of the blogs.

I will be editing what you send me and writing the piece in my style and deciding which images are featured and in what order.

I will notify you if/when/where your interview will be published. If I need material from you for the feature, I need it a week in advance of the publish date or your feature may not be published.

Be sure to share your feature as much as possible to increase its readership and your professional profile. I will share it on my professional and personal facebook page, and on twitter. I also link all my blogs together for more exposure.

I ask that you link to the blog you are featured in from at least one of your sites or shops, preferably more and if you could actually follow the blog that would be great.

EMAIL your submission through the email link in my profile.

Cheers, Ruth

All images on this blog are copyright to each individual artist. They are not in the public domain and may not be altered or used in any way without prior written permission from the artist in question.